SKYN Original

The closest thing to wearing nothing

They’re soft, comfortable and incredibly sensitive. If you ever wanted to join a revolution, now’s your chance.

  • Made from SKYNFEEL™, a non-latex soft material that you’ll find barely noticeable but as strong as premium latex
  • Lubricated with long-lasting ultra-smooth lubricant
    • Ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivity
  • Straight shape with reservoir end

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The Closeness We Feel is Almost Unreal

I am writing to say how pleased my boyfriend and I are with your products. We have tried many types of condoms, but yours are by far the best. The protection is amazing, but it still feels like there's nothing there. With such great quality, we are now huge fans of your company. We generally use SKYN original. The closeness we feel is almost unreal. We have both recommended them to quite a few people. We are extremely excited to try more of your products.

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